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What is an SLP?

Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) are communication experts!

We can also be referred to as Speech Pathologist or Speech Therapist. We work with people of all ages who have a broad range of physical and cognitive disorders. Some of those disorders include speech, language, voice, fluency, feeding, and swallowing disorders.

SLPs also work in a variety of settings that include hospitals, schools, private practices, rehabilitation facilities, physician's offices, and colleges and universities.

The entry level degree to be a certified-licensed SLP is a master's degree. We do not work as tutors, aides, or speech teachers.

To learn more about the great profession of speech-language pathology check out this website!

Reach out to Dr. Kimmerly if you have more questions about language and literacy. Her teaching, speaking and consulting services can be found here.


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